We had to take 3.5 inches out of
the hem, but SAVE the scallop
edge and don't lose any  feathers!
Super Cute!

All pinned up, from a size 12 to maaaybe
a 6. We had to raise the "V" back to
narrow the shoulders, take them up
then shorten the lace hem.  
Then she sews sequins All Over
the dress, I couldn't be prouder,
it was so perfect!

We were ready for an elegant
cowgirl wedding and pictures
with her horse!

This dress just didn't fit
anymore.  We let it out,
made it lace up and
hemmed it.
It was perfect!  

When your Internet
Purchase is different than
the picture! They change
necklines and backs all
the time, so we cut this
one Out!

If you buy a dress with several layers of Tulle , it probably needs to be tacked
down all around the train, or you are going to fight those layers the whole time
you wear it.  I tacked the layers of tulle and lace down so it fell perfectly  
EVERY time, and gave her a bustle.                      And I Love this little shoulder
drape thing she got at David's! (lower right pic) It hooks on but I sewed it in
place, it was just beautiful. If you click on these images, you'll see this dress
had a pink lace layer, it was just super sweet.
She needed something shiny- like a completely Rhinestoned belt! And
the little trim at the top completed it. Or was it the fur topped cape?
This super elegant- all lace dress
needed taking in down the sides,
remove lace over shoulders to not
interrupt the scallop pattern (because
the shoulders were too tall) and take
off a few inches in the front hem.

This little bride wasn't thrilled with off the shoulder neckline so we
usde what was there to make a halter that fastened smooth
behind her neck.  
Wedding Gowns and Formalwear Alterations   
Some Services I offer:

Alterations and Customizations
Placing bustles, both french and traditional.
Aisle-ready steaming for photos and wedding day
Iron crenolyns (the stiff tulle under your dress and
what your slip is made of)
Spot cleaning and repairs
French Bustles.
Each one is different and can vary in difficulty by
the height of the Bride and length and width of the
before:                         6 hooks later:
After the Bride being told it couldn't
be done, she found me and I took
the zipper out, let out the sides of
the dress, put bust darts in and
bustled it. She was fabulous and
This dress we took the sleeves off, took it up
in the shoulders and took it up in the bodice
and waist by about 8 sizes! Taking off the
sleeves updated the dress, made a huge
difference and kept her from buying a new
dress. It had a huge train and just turned out
If the crenolyn under your dress looks
like this,
you need to call me.  This
needs to be smooth, not bumpy! You
won't know how poufy your dress should
look - and it can't be hemmed until this
is pressed!   
This is a lace hem - after
photographs.  I do lots of
spot cleaning after photos
and before the wedding.  
A wedding gown I made Lace up a
LONG time ago.
I do LOTS of lace edge hems.
I do a lot of taking up under the
arms or darts to pull the bodice in
at the top. Like this one, the
gorgeous, silver embroidered lace
with tiny beads all over had to be
peeled back, altered then the lace
put back and rebeaded. But lace is
wonderful to cover much needed
darts so the dress really hugs you.
A Bridesmaid "Save". She bought from Etsy, which is
suppose to be handmade stuff.  These two dresses
were three sizes too small and, in my opinion, straight
out of a factory, and they were also 3 weeks late. Read
Reviews! Luckily, I made them both lace up the week
before the wedding.
Here's a before and
after that turned out
waay better than
expected. I sure was
happy those straps
didn't need taken up!
Call or text me at 501-545-5750
during normal working person
business hours, please
This silhouette top dress was a size 22, brought to me by the size 6 you see on
the far right.  I pinned several inches all the way around, took the sleeves off.  
Then proceeded to Reconstruct.  I was super happy when those shoulders fit
that way- they hung 4 inches off her shoulders before! Noone would ever
believe her if she told them without these before pictures.  
Lace border hem
A two layer lace border hem
This tiered heavy lace dress had zipper
issues, was a tad to small but still stood
out in the front like THIS!
This needed darts and shaping, which it
got, and you can see, it looked SO
beautiful! One of my favorites of 2016
The b/w pic is over 55 years ago, bought by the
bride who worked in a boot factory in Tennessee.
I got to meet her, she wanted her son's new
bride to wear it.  I Carefully altered the dress for
them, removing the shoulders and sleeves. The
modern wedding sash really finished this dress
and made it what the bride wanted.  I don't know
who was happier, but I LOVED this project.  
Lace Border - moved up .
Redesigned her Mother's dress from
1991, I LOVE that dress.  Made a
keyhole back, simple neckline with
shoulders for comfort and added a
chiffon skirt with sweep train.
 The top of your dress
 CAN NOT do this!
Sometimes just  
inches   of lace up
instead of zipper will
make All the
difference you need!
Multi layer circle cut Tulle hem.
Mom's Deb/Wedding Dress, made into
fabulousness for Rebecca!
This Mom's Wedding dress got a whole
new look for Deb Ball, love the tulle!
This wedding dress went from portrait neckline to  Way up on
her neck, and key hole back to Whole filled back with buttons.
I added sleeves and appliqued them to the wrist, also with
buttons. Luckily they brought me Lots of lace to work with
What your multi layer train does on its
own vs what it does after I sew several
floating tacks to keep it and the lining
where we want them.
I fill in LOTS of extremely low
necklines. I did not get a finished
picure of this, but it's worth showing.

The ad pic doesnt look that low, but
she was very petite from shoulder to
waist, that makes a difference!