New wedding wrap.  Dutchess Satin, cut to
stretch as you tie it for a nice, neat fit.  This one
is scattered pearls, sewn individually.  Any
color that you or I can find.  As shown $40.00
This is THE Biker Wedding Do Rag. Handmade of  Bridal Matte Satin, it
has beautiful appliques of reembroidered lace, embellished with
sequins and pearls. The veil is  edged with satin cord and it is
detachable so you can take it off but  it looks like it's attached under
the cluster of pearls.   $80.00 plus $10.00 to ship USPS.
Making a biker getaway  - IN STYLE

Please enjoy browsing through some biker
bride items, I will make things in different
colors and sizes, based on what you and I
can locate.  Any questions or ideas, please
call or text me at 501-545-5750 or
click here to
email me..         Thanks!       Sheila

Call or text during normal person business
hours, please.  
Here's one of my first doo rags
in an actual Bike Wedding.  
Thank you for allowing me to

Don't want the do rag but still wanna
be biker bride?  Check this out, made
of satin, approximately 4 inches tall,
embellished with pearls, crystals, on
completely traditional wedding lace
embellished with pearls and sequins

                $50 as shown
dd veil addt'l  $20.
These black satin
wraps are great
with clear crystals,
also shown with
black metal studs,
smoke and jet
black crystals. All
colors available,
can be plain.  
$30.00  +$4 to ship
Nothing says " I DO " like Hot Pink satin
and re-embroidered lace!  This wrap is
so cute, beaded with seed pearls,
sequins, hot pink bugle beads and
crystals.  $50.00
These are updated pics of recent do rags I've
sent out. Occasionally, the lace embellishment
changes due to availability.  But I always find the
traditional re-embroidered lace to use, like you
see on all of these.
The Remmels did Everything RIGHT.  Even
their cake was perfectly planned.  I get to
meet the coolest biker couples.  
This is an orange satin wrap that has
clear, orange and black crystals
across the front.  Great for
Bridesmaids at your biker wedding!
This silver satin wrap with
smoky and clear stones
has a matching veil.  
$75.00  + $4.00 shipping
I custom make these do rags, so the color choice
is yours.  Below is an Ivory one, custom color
beading is available for additional $10.00
Please order at least 3 weeks ahead of the date
you need it.
BEST Wedding Do Rag Picture
This is the "don't let this happen to
you" of the Hot Springs Rally. . . He is
passed out on his bike in the parking
lot at Terry Martin's.  2008
$80.00 plus    $10.00 shipping
White Doo Rag
$4.00 shipping
$4.00 shipping
Some Biker Wedding pictures    
If you are wearing ANY kind of boot, you need
these White,  Orange and Black bootleggers.
They are on a super this nylon sock (with toes
cut out) so you wear them just on your leg and
you can wear whatever sock you would
normally wear with that boot.  And we all know
each boot requires a different kind of sock,  
Bootleggers $15.00   $2.00 shipping
Make any dress in to a Biker Wedding dress
with this simple 2" Black satin ribbon with
orange lace overlay and one continuous
row of crystals all the way around.

Orange lace is 35" long and black ribbon is
70" long

$50.00    Free Immediate Shipping