Made Lace up:

Super Crusty Sherrie Hill dress. Made
it lace up in the back, it was adorable!
This Green dress was great as
a long dress but was Super
Cute after I cut it off!                                               
This is the Prom and Homecoming Page, with a pageant project or two thrown in.  I had to
make an entire page for these, it was too much for the wedding section.

As you can see, I handle all kinds of hems, straps, beaded dresses that are too big, too
little, too long, and some that were never intended for that person to wear it.  I customize or  
remake dresses and press/ steam them for wear dates.
The gold pin on your left marks how too
BIG this dress was, so we cut the zipper
out to the waist and made it lace up.
This beaded/sequined dress wouldn't zip and I
couldn't get it under the machine to sew loops
on it - to make it lace up.  So I hand sewed strips
across the back and sequined them to make the
pattern look continuous. It's still one of my
This Gold dress didn't zip so I
made Flat straps to go across
the back  using flat hooks - It
was WONDERFUL!! The straps
mimicked the folded layers of
Lame' on the bodice AND
allowed a size 0 dress to be
worn by a size 4!!
Custom homecoming Dress.

This one I made, with beadwork
at each billow.   
Custom Homecoming Dresses
for the Princesses. Both silver,
trimmed in Burgundy.  One
chose a circle cut ballroom
skirt with a jacket, the other
chose silver tulle with
burgundy satin trim to match
the sash was just beautiful.   
When I say that I do
Emergencies, I'm not
kidding. And you
never know where
one is going to
occur. I took a
needle and thread to
Homecoming where I
sewed the sashes
on the entire court.
This chunky beaded dress
was TOO BIG.  So I had to
remove lots of stones down
both sides, take it up and
rebead. We talked her into
letting me bead the straps
to match the dress (they
were Plain and didn't match
the dress) but with all the
beads they were wonderful,
and since the dress was
stretchy, it felt Much more
This neckline was just too low, and the
picture to the left is a BAD attempt by
someone else.   I took scraps of the hem to
criss-cross the plunge neckline, bringing it
way up and narrowed. She loved it.
Text or call me at 501-545-5750
Not before 8:am or after 8pm, not
before noon on Sunday
This blue chiffon was too big down
the sides, had to be taken up and
re-beaded, then she wanted it
Hi-Lo, it looked so much prettier
when we hemmed the front short
like this!
I got to work on this
gorgeous dress a little,
we lowered the back
and I put huge
horsehair braid all
around the hemline,
she looked Perfect!
Replaced these zippers. Yes, it
can be done, starting at about
$45.00 depending on how much
beadwork you have.

Also, cut off the pale pink one, a
full length dress of three layers of
tulle, and make it curly on the edge.

It turned out Super Cute!
WHY the space across her boobs
was made SEE-THROUGH, I don't
know. I lined it with black and the
bra cups disappeared, making the
whole dress just beautiful!
I Sewed the front together
because the gap was to
her belly button!  This
doesn't always work, but it
did on this one
Fully Rhinestoned Shoulders
that we took a couple of
inches out of.
This just needed narrowing
on the shoulders and Lower
that neckline! turned out
super cute!
This sweet floral dress needed
that huge v neck/ gap closed up
and the other sister needed
beaded straps taken up and
Both needed hems, they turned
out SO SWEET!  
I would by no means
take credit for Mady
looking like this, but I did
get the privilege of
working on this evening
gown and a few other
outfits for the Miss
Arkansas Pageant of
2018 and 2019
I never get tired of going Lace
up on a great dress.  This sweet
girl looked  So Cute with this
beaded tulle dress in THE most
perfect color for her!
These sleeves were a tad too
short, so we added a crystal
cuff and it looked Fabulous!