These Designs are all
less than a 3 inches
wide or tall.  They look
great with a name
above them or on a
shirt or jacket lapel,
gym bag, cap  or
blanket corner.  We
change colors to suit
your school
These are all
around 4 inch
designs, with a
school name
arched above
them, a hoodie,
varsity jacket,
blanket or satin
jacket gets lots of
these thumbnails
are great examples
of combining any
word with any small
We used the 3x1.5 Band design and
personalized it , making a layout
that would look great on the front
of a hoodie or back of a jacket
Graduate Shirt
Your School logo,
with your year!
Graduates love them!
Samples available soon
Remember!   Combine any design with any word: School name, Sport, Club, Mascot Name or
Your Name and put it in any color.  We have Band Instruments we're putting on next, or come
see them at the store.   We have satin Jackets for Adult and YOUTH sizes. 5th and 6th grade
BAND, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, SOCCER or CHEERLEADER would love all this with their
name and a mascot on it.    
This 2 layer fleece
scarf is
embroidered on
both sides. Name
on one end &
mascot on opposite
end.              $25
All designs can be made Any
These totes for Mom's at the
games will bring you much joy
while you silently brag about
your child's sport.
We do Basketball, Football,
Band (we have all the
instruments) and CheerMoms!!   
Any school, any mascot with
kids names or not!
Call me!
Doubled Fleece Blankets are great
Graduate Gifts. Put their College
Team on it, or High School.  Any
Colors, Any Team.
Any of these on YOUR  ITEM  
These were just one side of 2
different blankets we did for a
mom that took them home and tied
all the knots herself.  Her daughter
played on 2 leagues so she
needed 2 different blankets.  All
designed by Mom. Good Job!

I emailed these designs to her for
her approval before they were
sewn out.  That's always available.
Big seller and Great Gift for
the Cheer Mom!!!
I don't even know what
this means. But the
Engineering Major at
Texas A&M asked for it
and LOVED it!
This is a design that I put on some
hoodies. Great for  a Jacket
or                              blankets too
Scarf design
With Knight

Knight - available any
This wolf looks
good on
everything: doo
rags, jackets,
scarves and
This Bismarck
design is shown
full size, sewn
out on a blanket
at the bottom of
Any design can be put on any
shirt or jacket.  Find the item you
like and bring it to me!
I have mascots for most
every school, sport, hobby,
and band instrument you
might ever want.  Or we can
likely find one.
Other designs I have,
they can be any size,
put on just about any